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24th February 2022


Pre Pointe Assessment

There comes a point after many years of hard work when a young female dancer will be given the opportunity to go onto pointe in the next stage of their dance development. Everybody is individually different both anatomically and in their developmental milestones, therefore before progressing and commencing pointe work many factors should be taken into consideration to prevent injury in those developing structures, more especially in the foot and ankle.

The benefits of a Pre Pointe Assessment carried out by a qualified Physiotherapist is to collect vital information and assist your teacher as to whether you are physically prepared for this progression. If not it will highlight the areas that still need to be addressed and then relevant exercises can be prescribed as appropriate to achieve this.

The assessment will take approximately 45 minutes, which includes assessment of:
  • Statement Of Health
  • Dance History
  • Stage of Physical Development
  • Posture
  • Proprioception
  • Trunk and Scapular Control
  • Lower Limb Flexibility and Stability
  • Functional Activity
Following the assessment a brief report and recommendations will then be discussed with the dancer (including parent / guardian / teacher if they are present).

If you wish to go ahead and book your Pre-Pointe Assessment, please call the clinic on 0121 3233281 and advise reception that your appointment is for a Pre-Pointe Assessment so that they can allocate the appropriate length of appointment. If further information is required on the assessment or you are interested in onsite assessments tailored to your school or company requirements, please contact the clinic on 0121 3233281 or complete the online inquiry form.