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23 August 2021

Clinic Update 23rd August 2021

In the advent of the COVID vaccines and as the country begins to operate within the new norms during the pandemic, it remains our first and continued priority to the safety and wellbeing of our clients, staff and the community. The clinic will continue to operate under the protocols that we have been following and the guidelines issued by the Public Health England and our governing body since we re-opened on the 15th July 2020.

Remote video / phone consultations will remain in place and be the first point of communication with our clients when you are booking. Following your remote assessment and screening, your physiotherapist will establish clinically if you require a face to face appointment. This will only take place if safe and preferable over continuing to follow the remote consultation pathway. To date 60% of our clients have remained successfully on remote consultations, without the need to be converted to face to face consultations. Our clients, staff and community's safety are the priority. During this screening, clients will be asked a brief series of questions to ensure they are not in an 'at risk' category and COVID free thereby maximising client, staff and community safety. If a client is considered 'at risk' or suffering from COVID, we will not be able to book a face-to-face appointment but will continue to offer a remote online physiotherapy appointment in its place. Should the information you provide change between booking and attending the appointment, we ask that clients contact us immediately to let us know.

When you attend the clinic for a face to face consultation it will reflect the COVID-19 era that we are presently in and operationally will be very different to when you previously attended. There will be strict protocols in place as set out by the Government 'COVID-19 secure guidelines and those provided by our governing body. These will be advised at the time the face to face booking is made. Protocols will include further COVID-19 screening, social distancing measures, hand hygiene stations, temperature checks and enhanced PPE to provide protection for clients and staff. We ask that you please follow the guidance you are given to ensure safety for all parties and the community. For those who have had COVID-19 and are in the recovery phase and needing guidance with your recovery, this reference from the CSP may help: Watch the video

Thank you for your continuing support and patience during this time and we look forward to seeing you remotely or in the clinic soon. To book your consultation, please call the clinic on 0121 3233281.

Stay Healthy and Safe,
Best wishes,

Sharon Morrison
Clinic Director

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